Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Puzzle # 8 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: G-8 (5)
Synonym Clue-2: So (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Individual (4)
Trivia Clue: McEvoy

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: G-8 (5) -> Octet
Synonym Clue-2: So (4) -> Thus
Synonym Clue-3: Individual (4) -> Each
Trivia Clue: McEvoy -> JP McEvoy, the first to use the phrase 'cut to the chase' in his 1929 novel Hollywood Girl.

THE LINGO: Anagram of (Octet + Thus + Each) = Cut to the chase = "Many early silent films ended in chase sequences preceded by obligatory romantic storylines" = this gave birth to the phrase cut to the chase which means 'get to the point'.

No Lingo Kingo for the day.

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catcharun said...

wonderful trivia. as a part time etymologist, this series of phrases is rather interesting to me. awesome.