Monday, October 15, 2007

Puzzle # 13 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Weak (6)
Synonym Clue-2: Command (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Lizard (5)
Trivia Clue: Henry Jupp

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Weak (6) --> Feeble
Synonym Clue-2: Command (4) --> Writ
Synonym Clue-3: Lizard (5) --> Gecko
Trivia Clue: Henry Jupp --> The first test cricketer to be given out LBW.
THE LINGO = Anagram of (Feeble + Writ + Gecko) = Leg Before Wicket.

No LINGO KINGO for the day.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Puzzle # 12 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Sex Appeal (2)
Synonym Clue-3: Gracious (5)
Synonym Clue-3: Bulletin (4)
Trivia Clue: Andrew Wallace

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Sex Appeal (2) -> It
Synonym Clue-2: Gracious (5) -> Noble
Synonym Clue-3: Bulletin (4) -> News
Trivia Clue: Andrew Wallace = Dr. Andrew Wallace, the surgeon who helped Sachin Tendulkar overcome Tennis Elbow.

THE LINGO = Anagram of (It + Noble + News) = Tennis Elbow.

No Lingo Kingo for the day.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Puzzle # 11 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Inflate (10)
Synonym Clue-2: Drink (3)
Synonym Clue-3: Juicy (5)
Synonym Clue-4: Express Gratitude (5)
Trivia Clue: Sabeer Bhatia's

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Inflate (10) = Exaggerate
Synonym Clue-2: Drink (3) = Rum
Synonym Clue-3: Juicy (5) = Pulpy
Trivia Clue: Sabeer Bhatia's = HoTMaiL's name was chosen because it contained HTML, the code used for creating Hotmail.

THE LINGO = Anagram of (Exaggerate + Rum + Pulpy) = Hyper Text Markup Language aka HTML. No Lingo Kingo for this puzzle.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Puzzle # 10 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Differ (8)
Synonym Clue-2: Massive (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Dirties (5)
Trivia Clue: The Iron Horse

What's the lingo?

Lou Gehrig's Disease is the lingo.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Puzzle # 9 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Surmounted (8)
Synonym Clue-2: Moans (5)
Synonym Clue-3: Reorients (6)
Trivia Clue: Merry Christmas

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Surmounted (8) -> Overcame
Synonym Clue-2: Moans (5) -> Sighs
Synonym Clue-3: Reorients (6)-> Resets
Trivia Clue: Merry Christmas -> The first SMS message.

What's the lingo?

The Lingo = Anagram of (Overcame, Sighs & Resets) = SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE aka SMS.

No Lingo Kingo for this puzzle.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Puzzle # 8 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: G-8 (5)
Synonym Clue-2: So (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Individual (4)
Trivia Clue: McEvoy

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: G-8 (5) -> Octet
Synonym Clue-2: So (4) -> Thus
Synonym Clue-3: Individual (4) -> Each
Trivia Clue: McEvoy -> JP McEvoy, the first to use the phrase 'cut to the chase' in his 1929 novel Hollywood Girl.

THE LINGO: Anagram of (Octet + Thus + Each) = Cut to the chase = "Many early silent films ended in chase sequences preceded by obligatory romantic storylines" = this gave birth to the phrase cut to the chase which means 'get to the point'.

No Lingo Kingo for the day.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Puzzle # 7 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Destiny (4)
Synonym Clue-2: Botch (3)
Synonym Clue-3: Darling (5)
Trivia Clue: Lindbergh

What's the lingo?

MAN OF THE YEAR is the lingo. SRINI is the Lingo Kingo for this puzzle.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Puzzle # 6 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Wash Away (5)
Synonym Clue-2: Overact (3)
Synonym Clue-3: Abdominal Pain (5)
Trivia Clue: Murli Prasad Sharma

What’s the lingo?

CHEMICAL LOCHA, the Munnabhai lingo for mental hallucination, is the lingo of the day and BOBFACTORY is the Lingo Kingo of the day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Puzzle # 5 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Clobber (5)
Synonym Clue-2: Blue Blood (10)
Synonym Clue-3: Pines (5)
Trivia Clue: Nobel Winner 1971

What’s the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Clobber (5) -> Pound.
Synonym Clue-2: Blue Blood (10) -> Aristocrat
Synonym Clue-3: Pines (5) -> Longs
Trivia Clue: Nobel Winner 1971 -> Simon Kuznets, the Nobel Winner for Economics, who coined the term Gross National Product (GNP).

THE LINGO: Anagram of (Pound + Aristocrat + Longs) = Gross National Product (GNP).

No Lingo Kingo for the day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Puzzle # 4 - Not Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Tyro (6)
Synonym Clue-2: Gambit (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Mutiny (6)
Trivia Clue: TPG Nambiar

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Tyro (6) -> Newbie
Synonym Clue-2: Gambit (4) -> Ploy
Synonym Clue-3: Mutiny (6) -> Revolt
Trivia Clue: TPG Nambiar = Founder of BPL = BPL is the parlance for BELOW POVERTY LINE in government circles.

The Lingo = Anagram of (Newbie + Ploy + Revolt) = Below Poverty Line.


Puzzle # 3 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Coffee (5)
Synonym Clue-2: Lesson (5)
Synonym Clue-3: Mole (3)
Trivia Clue: Anand

What’s the lingo?

PAYAL is the Lingo Kingo for this puzzle.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Puzzle # 2 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Therefore (2)
Synonym Clue-2: Burn (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Knickknack (5)
Trivia Clue: South Indian movie rental store.

What's the lingo?

THE ARCHER is the Lingo Kingo of the Day.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Puzzle # 1 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Absconding (7)
Synonym Clue-2: Press (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Revolvers (7)
Synonym Clue-4: Exceptional (6)
Trivia Clue: Ogilvy's Brother-in-law

What's the lingo?

THEREFORE is the Lingo Kingo of the day.

Sample Puzzle

Synonym Clue-1: Shit (4)
Synonym Clue-2: Plead (3)
Synonym Clue-3: Remarkable (5)
Trivia Clue: Harold Robbins

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Crap
Synonym Clue-2: Beg
Synonym Clue-3: Great

The Lingo = An anagram of (crap + beg + great) = Carpetbagger the term for "an outsider, especially a politician, who presumptuously seeks a position or success in a new locality."

Trivia Clue: Harold Robbins wrote a novel called The Carpetbaggers in 1961.