Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Puzzle # 2 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Therefore (2)
Synonym Clue-2: Burn (4)
Synonym Clue-3: Knickknack (5)
Trivia Clue: South Indian movie rental store.

What's the lingo?

THE ARCHER is the Lingo Kingo of the Day.


the archer said...

The answer: chiarascuro

anantha said...

good one. since this is the first time the archer is playing, i shall deign to award the title. but next time you post the answer, do not forget to post the full answer in the format prescribed below:


Synonym Clue-1: So
Synonym Clue-2: Char
Synonym Clue-3: Curio

Trivia Clue: Cinema Paradiso, the film often cited as the best example for usage of Chiaroscuro lighting.

The Lingo: Chiaroscuro, the play of light and shadow.

anantha said...

incidentally, the archer made a spello.