Monday, September 17, 2007

Sample Puzzle

Synonym Clue-1: Shit (4)
Synonym Clue-2: Plead (3)
Synonym Clue-3: Remarkable (5)
Trivia Clue: Harold Robbins

What's the lingo?


Synonym Clue-1: Crap
Synonym Clue-2: Beg
Synonym Clue-3: Great

The Lingo = An anagram of (crap + beg + great) = Carpetbagger the term for "an outsider, especially a politician, who presumptuously seeks a position or success in a new locality."

Trivia Clue: Harold Robbins wrote a novel called The Carpetbaggers in 1961.


payal said...

welcome back! u were terribly missed by the bloggers : )

√úbermaniam said...

oh, this is a good one!