Friday, September 21, 2007

Puzzle # 6 - Solved

Synonym Clue-1: Wash Away (5)
Synonym Clue-2: Overact (3)
Synonym Clue-3: Abdominal Pain (5)
Trivia Clue: Murli Prasad Sharma

What’s the lingo?

CHEMICAL LOCHA, the Munnabhai lingo for mental hallucination, is the lingo of the day and BOBFACTORY is the Lingo Kingo of the day.


bobfactory said...

chemical locha


anantha said...

bobfactory is right. chemical locha it is!

bobfactory said...

Will there be one everyday or only weekdays?

anantha said...

weekdays. and as and when i find time. i don't want to commit to an everyday thingy. i've done it in the past and had got myself into a tangle.